Sunday, June 21, 2009

Seminar Dakwah

This event was held at SM ground floor, in-collaboration with Persatuan al-Hunafa'..
The turn up of participant was about 50 percent out of the amount targeted. Although the arrival of students causes an unexpected 30 minutes delay, the massages had successfully delivered in a short period. The speaker whom himself is an experience preacher relate his experiences to the audience thus giving them a clear picture about preaching.
During the Question and Answer session, five questions were asked from the floor, it shows that the speaker manage to grapple the attention. The Question and Answer session lasted for about 35 minutes.
A slide show that shamed the picture captured by those who when to Kg Rantau, Cameron Highlands last year. This gives the participants an idea about the going on within the native community in Malaysia.
Their poor exposure of education, organization and religion is a real pity and it is up to us to deliver the message from Allah and preach the beauty of this Divine Believe. This will spur the spirit of participants to give their commitment in spreading Islam.
In conclusion, the world has been pulverizing by the mean thought spread by the Western propaganda that placed Islam in the very shallow level. This seminar is a stepping-stone to produce a generation of towering Muslims that will strengthen this religion, thus spreading Islam to the whole of Malaysia and the world.

Speaker yang dijemput khas dan berpengalaman

Para tetamu kehormat

Singkat dan padat

Saudara Presiden, Zul Ikram menyampaikan cenderahati
kepada Ust. Ibrahim Raheem

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